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Want to broaden the conversation but..
"How do I.. How do we.. What if.. ?"

Believe "Love is all that counts!"?

Or plan to get engaged, married...but..

Affirm your Pairedness


Walk thru your expectations & preferences for your ideal partner, in a formal way


Invite your partner/potential partner & have them formalise their preferences & expectations as well


Get your Pairmetry report & see:

How well do you pair up?
And where, if at all, do you not ?!

And in the process, explore, discover, contemplate & crystallize on your mutual expectations and possibilities from your companionship!

Why PairMetry?

Unlike what you might see in various other Websites and Apps, this is not just a quick quiz with a dozen questions for you alone.

This is a collaborative deliberation tool for both you and your partner (or potential partner); to formally note and review your expectations from & preferences for your companionship.

Not only do you both explore a pre-packaged set of topics across a wide spectrum, that couples typically need to address sooner or later, you can add topics of your own that are specific to your needs & wants, enabling you to have conversations that are wider, deeper & exclusive to the two of you.

This is not going to give you a "Yes- go ahead!" or "No- you shouldn't!" sort of a result.

This gives you & your partner a broad metric, a graded rating, of how well you pair up across different areas.

And where you appear to not pair up well, you'll get to see the details of where you might have differences. So that you both get to see upfront, the potential in your relationship that you might have not fully noticed and possible disconnects to bridge during your journey together!

Why you must

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." - Mignon McLaughlin , Journalist
"Who you marry… is enormously important in determining the happiness in your life and your success." - Warren Buffet, Legendary investor
"Marrying is easy, but housekeeping is hard." - German proverb
"Assumptions are the termites of relationships." - Henry Winkler, Actor
Know more

Is this ...?

Is this a dating app or a matrimonial site? Does this search for a suitable mate for me?

No. This does not search or find a companion for you. We assume you have already identified your potential partner.
What this does is help you & your partner perform a prudence check & see if you both pair up well from multiple practical perspectives, crucial for relationships to sustain & flourish.

Does this collect & mine data about me & my partner from different sources to make decisions?

No. This does not collect & mine your data from external sources or make decisions for you.
This App only uses the details, expectations & preferences, that you and your partner specifically provide to the App, to come up with a metric & suggestions for your Piaredness.

Is this based on astrology, horoscope, palmistry, numerology, star sign or birth stone?

None of them. This is simply based on choices, preferences & expectations - that you & your partner provide to the App.

Is this a personality assessment test?

Not exactly. You will look at compatibility between you & your potential partner holistically, across several areas, personality being one of them.

Is this a general, fixed, "one size fits all" questionnaire?

No. We recognize that each of us have our very own expectations & preferences for a relationship.
Besides the topics that we have included for your consideration, you can add topics important to you..qualify your preferences.. get the insight that you are particular about!

How does it work?


Create your Pairing Profile with your expectations & preferences for your ideal partner


Invite your partner to create their Pairing Profile with expectations & preferences for their ideal partner


Generate the Pairmetry report for the two of you & see:

How well do you both pair up?
And in what areas, if at all, do you not ??

Thrive together!

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