About PairMetry

PairMetry is a result of persistent observations about pair relationships around us:

A "well-paired" couple are not only happier themselves individually, but also augment each other in achieving more, accomplish more than the sum of the two, during their long journey together!

A "not so well-paired" couple, with serious differences to cope with, get frequently drawn into deciphering & sustaining their relationship, and have a tough time achieving their combined potential.

A "mismatched" couple, consumed by constant bickering, sooner or a bit later, end up in a relationship disaster and struggle to achieve their individual potential itself -let alone, achieving much together!

Every "mismatched" pair leaves at least two adults behind; disconcerted, frustrated, and in the worst case, devastated with long-lasting scars. And possibly, with kids in dysfunctional families, or more sadly, with single parents. Unfailingly for all of them further, lost potential for a better today and possibly drained opportunity for a better tomorrow.

Why are mismatches frequent?

Pair relationships, thru human history, have been based on a few aspects like: Looks, Appeal, Community and Affluence. Many relationships till-date continue to be based around such aspects.
The reality of our times, with more contending dimensions, and more demanding expectations, has clearly overrun the sufficiency of consideration of these traditional aspects alone, for lasting & mutually rewarding relationships.

Individuals ending up in relationships due to romantic attraction are legendary. Many of such relationships, committed to in an emotional state of mind, unfortunately fail to stand the test of time. As a reminder of Nature's incredible sway over us, to achieve her persistent goal of sustenance thru attraction; discounting the many other demands of lasting human cohabitation!

Even thoughtful individuals, tend to overlook symptoms of disconnects, even serious ones, during courtship, however long it is; and interpret them in a way that favors continuation of the courtship - a consequence of what psychologists call as the "Halo effect".

Individuals could end up committing to a relationship without sufficient insight into their partner's personality, aspirations & expectations - just out of naive optimism, simply as a tradition or, because someone - a parent, brother, sister, friend or a match-maker certified a partner for them!

Individuals at times compromise to a relationship with a partner, about whom they are not fully sure, but feel is "the best so far", given the circumstances; compounded by age-related, security-related, social, cultural, financial, psychological or biological pressures.

How could we increase the chance of more relationships becoming well-paired?

PairMetry seeks to provide a broader and yet intuitive framework, including upfront, more aspects that are likely of considerable relevance, to achieve a better-informed, agreed-upon, lasting, harmonious & ambitiously further, a mutually-propelling relationship, however it is formed: via dating, marriage, or an arrangement in between.

PairMetry is offered as a social-impact initiative by:

PairMetry Labs.
Thirty Three, Sathya Marga
Siddarthnagar Mysore, KA, IN

Our Vision

Offer frameworks to foster happy families. For, happy families induce a better world today; and raise generations for a better tomorrow!

A new way to commit to a companion!

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