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Last updated Sep.10, 2020

    Thank you for considering or continuing to use this App.
    The following, together with our Privacy policy, describe the Agreement between you and us in relation to use of the App.

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  1. Definitions
    • User refers to any person, group or organization, using content or capabilities of this App, as a human or via an automated mechanism
    • "You" & "Your" refers to you as the end-consumer if you use the App as an individual user, or to all members of your group if you use the App as a Group user, or to all employees & delegates of your organization if you use the App as an Organizational user
    • 'We', 'us' & 'our' are used to refer to DeeperMatch Labs, the organization offering you this App. Our contact details are as described at About
    • 'App' is used as an umbrella term to include the Application itself, this website , content, features, functionality, capabilities, supporting systems, services, tools & processes employed to deliver the experience when you use this offering.
    • "Feature" is used as an umbrella term to include features, functionality, capability and/or content of the App
    • "Subscription", "Edition" or "Package", where applicable, refers to a pack of features offered;
      • StarterPak or Complimentary Edition refers to a free-of-charge edition
    • 'Notice' refers to a communication from Us to You, (a) to Your registered Email if provided to us, (b) SMS message to Your Phone if provided to us, (c) traditional land-mail to the address if provided to us OR (d) Alerts or Messages displayed to you on the App itself, persistent or otherwise
    • 'Device' refers to Your Phone, Tablet, Laptop or any other computing and/or communication device used to interact with the App

  2. Agreement
      By using this App, you are agreeing to the terms of use & privacy policy. If you disagree with any terms described in this document, please discontinue using the App.

  3. App use/usage
    • Your use of the App is subject to the law of the Country and/or State in which you reside
    • You certify that the information that you provide during registration of the App is true, your own information and/or information of an organization that you are formally associated with and are authorized to provide.
      Providing false, incorrect, misleading, formally-unassociated or unauthorized information will be considered as "Unintended use"
    • Creation/editing/viewing or using data that is not owned by you, not formally associated to you and/or not formally authorized to you will be treated as "Unintended Use"
    • Use of the App with automation script/tools without written permission from us in advance, will be considered as "Unintended use"
    • We reserve the right to block Your use of the App for "Unintended use" without notice
    • We reserve the right to block Your use of the App for any other reason with or without notice

  4. Possible change of content, capabilities & features
    • The content, capabilities & features of the App can be altered or discontinued at any time, without advance notice and without formal notice.
    • Subscription expiry & retention terms can be altered at any time without any advance notice.

  5. Possible loss of access

    Upon expiry of your Subscription, access to your data will be permanently lost; with or without any further notification to you.

      You could also temporarily/permanently loose access to the App and your data:
    • if your device initiates requests or was involved in requests categorized as "Unintended use"
    • during planned outages of the App for system maintenance
    • when unplanned outages occur due to unforeseen situations

  6. Data access & retention
    • By using this App, you consent to your data being retained, searched, listed and/or aggregated by the App. Please see our Privacy policy for terms & provisions related to Data collection, use, access & security.
    • Access to data, including data created by you, might be limited by it's functional validity, time and/or volume
    • You are encouraged to download your data periodically so as to not loose access to it in the App.
    • Data will be considered "Historical" & "Functionally Expired" if no further processing is due on the data
      e.g. a past appointment is considered Historical & Functionally Expired
      Such data is not normally available for further editing; and might be available for viewing only if such a tool for viewing historical data is normally provided by the App to you.
    • Data will be considered "Inactive" if it is NOT created/edited or used in other "Active" data related to you within the "Aging time" defined as follows:
      • Complimentary Editions: 40 days
    • Inactive, historical & functionally expired data are subject to be erased from & consequently become unavailable in the App
    • We reserve the right to change the "Aging time" for the determination of "Inactive data" with or without notice, in advance or otherwise
    • We reserve the right to archive Inactive, historical & functionally expired data at our discretion (instead of erasing the same);
      You have the right to request for Deletion of data per our Privacy policy
    • Data related to your associates/organization/customers/vendors might also get deleted upon a formal request from the authorized owner of the data without your consent or notice, per our Privacy policy; in such instances, upon your request, we will provide you with particulars of the time & originator of the request for such deletion.
    • We reserve the right to charge you for any Search of Inactive, historical or functionally expired data from our servers and/or archives; and consequent retrieval of data if requested, if such a retrieval is feasible & viable

  7. Warranties & Limitation of liability
    • The App is provided as-is with no Warranties, explicit or implicit, and no commitments to suitability, usability, reliability or continuous availability of its features or content, to meet your needs
    • All content, trademarks & copyrights on the App are the property of the respective owners.
    • We are not responsible for validity, accuracy, or suitability of any content (a) that our Users have posted on our App or (b) of external web sites or content providers to which links are provided from the App.
      We do not certify or endorse any person or organization that is listed on the App or for which links are provided in the App.
    • For the Priced editions of the App, if & when applicable, our liability for any reason, shall not exceed the charges if and as paid by you for One year preceding the date of your "notification of loss"
    • A "notification of loss" if any loss is incurred due to use of our App must be notified to us via a Registered Courier Mail by Land/Air; to mailing address
    • You agree to not hold us liable for any loss of data, revenue or any other damages to you, material or otherwise, direct, incidental, consequential, exemplary or statutory, beyond what is described above.
    • You agree to the jurisdiction of the district court of Mysuru, Karnataka, India, for any litigation in relation to any aspect of this App, its terms of use or policies.

  8. Changes to this document

    This document might be updated from time to time without advance notice.
    We request you to review this document from time to time.
    This document is accessible from our Home page by all users.
    The last updated date is shown at the top of this document for your reference & review.