Privacy Policy - General

Last updated Sep.10, 2020

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  1. Definitions
    • User refers to any person, group or organization, using content or capabilities of this App, as a human or via an automated mechanism
    • "You" & "Your" refers to you as the end-consumer if you use the App as an individual user, or to all members of your group if you use the App as a Group user, or to all employees & delegates of your organization if you use the App as an Organizational user
    • 'We', 'us' & 'our' are used to refer to DeeperMatch Labs, the organization offering you this App. Our contact details are as described at About
    • 'App' is used as an umbrella term to include the Application itself, this website , content, features, functionality, capabilities, supporting systems, services, tools & processes employed to deliver the experience when you use this offering.
    • "Feature" is used as an umbrella term to include features, functionality, capability and/or content of the App
    • "Subscription", "Edition" or "Package", where applicable, refers to a pack of features offered;
      • StarterPak or Complimentary Edition refers to a free-of-charge edition
    • 'Notice' refers to a communication from Us to You, (a) to Your registered Email if provided to us, (b) SMS message to Your Phone if provided to us, (c) traditional land-mail to the address if provided to us OR (d) Alerts or Messages displayed to you on the App itself, persistent or otherwise
    • 'Device' refers to Your Phone, Tablet, Laptop or any other computing and/or communication device used to interact with the App

  2. Data collection and use
      The data that we collect and use include:
    • The data that you explicitly provide: to list, find content, save and/or process content with our App
    • Your last searches/selections/transactions: to minimize repeated requests for the same information and/or create shortcuts to retrieve the information
    • Your country setting, language preference and location of your device: to localize to country/region-specific options & requirements
    • Your device & network information such as unique identifiers, ip-address, browser type, server, operating system: to stop potential misuse/abuse of the App or degradation of the quality of experience with the App

    • Besides using the data collected to offer you the directly required capabilities, features and/or services, the data could be used:
    • to communicate with you
    • to respond to Regulatory agencies who have jurisdiction over your data and to whom we are required to provide such data by Law, upon their request
    • to improve/secure/optimize the App
    • to gain/provide/publish statistical information such as trends, for us, to you or others; without revealing User detail and identity

  3. Use of Cookies & cookie-like mechanisms
    • We use cookies & cookie-like mechanisms such as "Local Storage", offered by typical web browsers to store data on your browser.
    • Use of such data is as described under Data collection & use.
    • You can clear such data on your browser at any time; please consult the documentation for your browser for the same.

  4. Access to your data
      Besides the intended recipients of your data as required by you per your request, the data could also be provided to the following:
    • 3rd Party teams, systems & services - to complete your request - e.g. send an SMS message or an Email
    • Customer support teams, systems & services - upon your request for support
    • System, Network & Database Administration teams - for operational, monitoring, backup, recovery and/or optimization purposes.
    • Further, Testing, Training, Research & Analyses teams, systems & services, might also be given access to your data, with your identity removed or obfuscated.
      All of the teams mentioned above might be comprised of our own employees, employees of an organization to which the responsibility has been outsourced to or a mix of both.

  5. How we protect access to your data
    • Data residing on our Servers: By restricting access to the servers to the authorized team members; and enforcing contractual obligations when responsibilities are outsourced.
    • Data shared with 3rd Party Systems & Services with whom we have contractual agreements: By enforcing contractual obligations with the 3rd Party.
    • Data shared with 3rd Party Systems & Services with whom we have don't have contractual agreements: By restricting the data shared to the minimum necessary to accomplish the task.
    • Data transmission between your browser & our Servers: By use of industry-standard encryption techniques

  6. Location of your data
      Your data could reside and/or be processed:
    • on Servers and/or Services that are owned/leased/rented by us directly
    • on Servers and/or Services of 3rd party organizations with whom we have contractual agreements
    • on Servers and/or Services of 3rd parties with whom we don't have contractual agreements but are generally accepted base-capability providers e.g. email servers
    • within or outside of your country/region/area of legal jurisdiction

    • Our servers are physically located in a data center in Bangalore, KA, IN, operated by a 3rd party Computing Infrastructure Provider

  7. Deletion of your data and Opt out
      You can choose to delete your data used by/in our App or opt out of some 3rd party services that we employ:
    • Data saved on our servers or 3rd party services with whom we have contractual agreements: by emailing us for the same
    • Data saved on your device/browser: by clearing such data on you device and your browser; please consult documentation for your device & browser for the same.
    • Data provided by your device: by disabling capabilities such as Location
    • Please note that full & complete deletion of your data on our servers & 3rd party services employed by us can only be performed subject to legal, contractual & operational feasibility. There could be remnants of data that could get deleted only upon eventual aging.

  8. Changes to this document This document might be updated from time to time without advance notice.
    We request you to review this document from time to time.
    This document is accessible from our Home page by all users.
    The last updated date is shown at the top of this document for your reference & review.