Frequently asked questions
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  1. How do I install the App?
    You don't need to download, install, give permissions to or update anything on your device.
    This App works right in your internet browser!
    It is consequently not available for download in an App store such as Android Play or iOS App Store.
    This is a Browser-App that is designed for use on diverse devices including phone, tablet and Laptop.
    To use the App, just point your browser to & bookmark the page.

  2. What's your Privacy policy? In particular, do you sell/share our data?
    No; we do not sell your data.
    We do not share your data with any entity either; exceptions apply, such as with: regulatory authorities having jurisdiction over the data and with whom we are required to share by Law.
    Our privacy policy is described in detail here: General Privacy policy .

  3. How do I contact you for questions, info. or Customer Support? At the bottom of most of the pages, you'll find a link for Support. Please tap here to contact us right away.

  4. Will I be able to request addition of missing features?
    Yes; we welcome & appreciate your feature requests. We intend to continuously evolve the App based on your feedback. Feature requests are prioritised based on their popularity & potential and implemented in upcoming enhancements to the App.